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Bot with a nice level and money system, and a very good card system and profile cards and much more features

Prefixo ! (custom)
Biblioteca discord.py
Servidores ???
Política de Privacidade !privacy


  • Card System
  • Economy System
  • Level System
  • Music
  • Moderation
  • Fun
  • Gifs
  • Anime
  • Profiles
  • Tickets
  • Feed


The bot has many feature, a few of them are a card system (with pictures), with stats and co. like the starwars cards, but digital and with anime

Also we have an economy system and a level system

The bot can play music and search music, also have a queue, you can skip, pause, resume and co

Also all users have a profile, which costum background, where there level and money and co displayed

The bot has gifs and a lot of funny commands (f.e. 8ball, flip, ...)

There are also moderation tools such as mute, unmute, ban, kick, ...

If you want to see all features, you can use the help command, deafult !help, of course you can change the prefix

The bot has also a ticket system and a feed option, this will send everyday to a custom time a feed to a topic (f.e. memes), you can specifiy the time in 10minutes steps and also the times.

We are open for everything, if you have an idea to improve the bot, you can join the community server, and I think we can make your feature in :)