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cute aesthetic ♡ mental health support ♡ self care + positivity

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aphrodite: your mental health companion

a positive, loving, mental health support bot that’s catered to its users’ needs. aphrodite is equipped with many resources, like hotlines, and even some commands to hug other users. if you want a positive environment, aphrodite is for you.

❥ made to help support you and your friends.

❥ easy-to-use commands, never too complicated and always straightforward

❥ LGBT commands, like positivity & label exploration

❥ always in active development by a developer who cares

❥ loving and understanding support server

❥ almost 24/7 uptime and replies to commands in no time

❥ made by a mentally ill person, for mentally ill people

❥ here always to love and support you. ♡

❥ diary & journaling command to document your feelings