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A Fun bot like dank memer or more, based on Memes, Currency & Fun.

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What is Wazowski Memer?

Its a fun bot like Dank Memer, a in development bot, not finished. This bot evolve with you because you will use it and Wazowski Memer will evolve, get updates (more commands, database upgrades..). In the future, we plan to do events were you can get more exp, rares items etc.. also the inventory command is blocked for the moment due to data bugs, we plan to fix the command and upgrade it to make it better.

Utility Commands

  • plz help (It show you the commands!)
  • plz avatar (It show your avatar or the avatar of someone.)
  • plz poll (Create a poll!)
  • plz ping (Get your actual ping)
  • plz inv or plz inventory
  • plz snipe (Show last deleted message)
  • plz editsnipe (Show old messsage from the last edited message)
  • plz vote (Vote for Wazowski Memer & Support us!)
  • plz credits (List of the creators/developers)

Currency Commands

  • plz profile (Show your stats, levels, exp etc..)
  • plz beg (Beg for money, you can get money or get nothing.)
  • plz search (Search money, you can get or lose money, you've been warned!!)
  • plz bal or plz balance (It show you your money in pocket and in bank.)
  • plz hunt (Required Item: Hunter Rifle, You can hunt in the forest, and sell the animals!)
  • plz use (ItemName) (Use a item who is in your inventory)
  • plz shop (Display all items that you can buy, of course with the price)
  • plz buy (ItemName) (Buy a item from the shop)
  • plz sell (ItemName) (amount) (Sell something in your inventory to get money)
  • plz item (ItemName) (Get your choosed item informations.)

Fun Commands

  • plz pong @mention (A message appear when you ping someone with this command.)
  • plz cool (@mention) (You or your friend is what % cool?)
  • plz fresh (@mention) (You or your friend is what % fresh?)
  • plz pp or plz penis (@mention) (Uh oh, it gives you a size..)
  • plz kill (@mention) (Kill someone or kill yourself, is that weird? Yes.)
  • plz meme (Display a random meme from reddit)
  • plz reddit (SubredditName) (Display a image from a subreddit you choosed)

Commands list information :

  • (@mention) = mention optional
  • @mention = mention required