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The most customizable counting bot. Compete with other Discord servers to get the highest count.

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Servidores 946
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How to set up the bot

  1. Invite the bot to your server.
  2. Create a channel with the name that contains the word counting, or type :linkchannel in your desired counting channel.
  3. Start counting at 1.


  1. No skipping numbers
  2. No going back in numbers
  3. One person can't count two or more numbers in a row
  4. No botting, scripting or abusing bugs


  • Customizable prefix
  • Customizable channel name
  • Customizable goal
  • Optional public scoreboard
  • 15+ Easter Eggs
  • Counting in word numbers (one, two, three) supported
  • Webhooks can be enabled to prevent users from editing their messages
  • Five game modes
    1. Whole numbers (1, 2, 3)
    2. Decimals (0.1, 0.2, 0.3)
    3. Binary (0001, 0010, 0011)
    4. Letters (a, b, c)
    5. Hexadecimal (1, 2, 3 ... 3C, 3E, 3F)

Comandos Barra

  • /channel | Opcional channel
    Shows statistics for a counting channel
    • channel: A counting channel to get info about
  • /help
    Lists all commands

  • /info
    Shows information about the bot such as uptime and ping

  • /linkchannel | Opcional channel
    🔑 Manualy sets the channel that this command was sent in as a counting channel
    • channel: A channel link to the bot
  • /logs
    Veiw the last 10 recorded numbers

  • /rules
    Shows rules for counting

  • /scores
    Lists the top 5 current and high scores

  • /sendsave amount | Opcional user
    Sends a save from one user to another
    • amount: The number of saves to send
    • user: The user send a save to
  • /setgoal goal
    🔑 Sets a goal to count to. When the goal reached the time since the goal was set wiil be showen.
    • goal: The goal to count to
  • /setvar query
    ⚙️ Allows manual modification of the database
    • query: The SQL query to exucute
  • /showuserlb enabled
    Shows you on the public leaderboards
    • enabled: Whether or not you want to be shown on the public user leaderboards
  • /testperms
    Shows if the bot has the required permissions

  • /toggle setting status
    🔑 Toggles different settings for counting channels
    • setting: The setting to toggle
    • status: Whether to toggle the setting on or off
  • /unlinkchannel | Opcional channel
    🔑 Deletes the counting channel from database
    • channel: Unlink a channel from the bot
  • /user | Opcional user
    Shows your counting statistics
    • user: The user to get counting statistics for
  • /userscores
    Shows the top 10 counters

  • /vote
    Vote for the bot and get rewarded