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Hanna Chan 한나

Hanna Chan is a multipurpose bot for your server that is always online and have a lot of features that must have in your server. This bot is also have Global Economy System for all Discord Servers

Prefixo hy.
Biblioteca discord.js
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Política de Privacidade hy.policy

Hanna Chan Discord Bot

Hanna Chan is an Mulitfunction Discord Bot that developed by Kang Dittyaa from #NOLEPGANG'S that you must have in your Discord Server's

This bot is also have many commands that divided into several categories such as:

  • Utility
  • Information
  • Economy (Coming Soon)
  • Music (Coming Soon)
  • Games (Coming Soon)
  • Image
  • Roleplay

We hope you to invite this bot to your server and get growth with this bot :) If you have any trouble or have found any bugs from this bot, you can join Support Server an get a tickets report!