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Pokedi is a Pokecord/Pokeverse crossover in making. With features being added everyday.

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Why should I use Pokedi?

Our goal isn't just replicating Pokecord and Pokeverse into one bot, but bringing the best of all worlds. We want to make it fun and exciting, not just fun-to-get-boring. We want to bring everything we can while keeping the same love intact. <3

What do you wish to provide that the predecessor couldn't?

People spend money on this Bot, and it is fair that it's used correctly. We want to tackle the blackmarket and things no other bot could. Wouldn't it be fun if everyone was just playing fairly? No cheats and all? We also want to expand on the ideas of the other bots to make the ultimate experience for our users!

Alright, you got me, how do I begin?

All you have to do is just use p!start to start your journey! Pick a starter and begin catching. Embark on an adventure with over 10K other users!

What do you promise us?

Safety, fun, excitement, and hardship. We're dead serious and yet still laughing hysterically about it. (Seriously though, we're insane)