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A new discord bot made for fun, music, and moderation

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Dono Λcє#0002

A highly customisable bot with tons of great and fun features

It has a customisable prefix, custom commands, custom welcomer, and custom goodbye message.
It a lot of fun commands (still in beta, so more coming)
Has little fun games like hangman, guessing game, rock paper scissors etc..
Has nice looking help menu and a cool web dashboard. That also counts :)
Has the popular mod commands like ban, kick, mute, unban etc.
And more features just to mention a few.

Top 15 commands from the bot's fun category

  • gender

  • screenshot <@person>

  • fight <@person>

  • embed [Json]

  • reverse

  • hack <@person>

  • shorten/unshorten

  • translate/tr

  • weather

  • joke

  • funfact

  • log [limit]

  • ask

  • meme

  • regional

    Not all commands are mentioned, just 15. Invite the bot to check out the rest