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Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a racing game. Trying to bring hill climbers through hcr2 bot.

Prefixo *
Biblioteca discord.js
Servidores ???
Dono Abhay#0111

Use * prefix before each command

♦Hill Climb Racing 2 special commands♦ 1)clans 2)invition links (it'll show clan or team names which invitation links are stored in the bot) 3) pit crew(returns image of pit crew) 4) Team 5)♦application (it will show information about how to apply for team)

♦Basic Moderation Commands♦ 1)mute 2)unmute 3)ban 4)clear(no.of messages) 5)kick 6)warn

♦Some other commands♦

  1. serverinfo
  2. suggest(send your suggestions)
  3. Youtuber
  4. application (use it for more information)

♦Economy commands♦

  1. work
  2. shop
  3. bal (balance)
  4. ownbal (returns your own balance)
  5. Daily
  6. Weekly
  7. leaderboard 8)addmoney mention user (you need administrative permission)
  8. count leaderboard

♦Use *lottery commands to know more about it

♦Fun♦ 1)avatar 2)imgtext 3)8ball (ask a question) 4)joke 5)cat 6)dog 7)rep - rep(mention someone) 8)rboard- rboard, it'll return leaderboard of most reputation point members 9)Repoint- Repoint, it'll show how many reputation points you have

♦Help command♦ 1)help 2)invite(sends invitation of bot)

♦Public♦ 1)upvote 2)copyright 3) update (sends latest update info)