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dotNotify is the ultimate announcement, reminder and message scheduling bot and dashboard on Discord.

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🔥 Welcome to dotNotify! 🔥

The Ultimate Discord Reminder, Announcement & Message Management Bot!

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Here is what dotNotify can help you do...

🚀 Schedule Announcements & Messages With Ease! 🚀

Schedule and create announcements on your server, in any channel, for any date ,time and timezone. Using our intuitive dashboard, you can manage all announcements and schedule any message to be sent across your server.

🔥 Easy To Use WYSIWYG Discord Ready Message Editor And Live Preview! 🔥

Create your messages and announcements with our easy to use "Discord-Ready" editor with emoji support. Preview your message and formatting in real time, making it easier than ever to create amazing, attention grabbing announcements.

⏰ Setup Recurring/Interval Reminders! ⏰

Choose to schedule your messages and announcements once, or setup daily, monthly and weekly reminders to hit any channel across your server at any time, day and timezone. Manage your reminders on our dashboard. Pause and set live whenever you want too.

✅ Embed Message Generator Included ✅

Want to schedule an "Embed" instead? We have a full embed generator with a full live preview so you can craft that perfect embed message. Schedule embeds one time, or as reminders too.

Connect To Your Server Today And Experience The Best Discord Announcement & Reminder Management Bot!