Ka heke te roimata me te hūpē, ka ea te mate—In memoriam of Elizabeth II

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Auto Publisher

Free and easy-to-use bot auto-publishing messages in announcement channels!

Prefix ap!
Bibliotheek discord.js
Servers ???


Standard Prefix: ap! (customizable)

Admin Commands

Add: Adds an announcement channel where I can auto-publish messages.

Remove: Removes an announcement channel to not auto-publish messages.

Setprefix: Change the prefix of this server.

(Normal) commands

About: Get more info about this bot.

Invite: Get an invite for this bot.

Ping: Get the ping of this bot.

Prefix: See the current prefix.

View: View announcement channels + check if I have enough permissions

Help: Sends this message.

Uptime: Shows the uptime of the bot in seconds

If you have any questions, join our support server.

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