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Do you want to get info, stats, auto roles about the HypeSquad and host giveaways yourself? Check out HypeSquad Bot!

Prefix - or @HypeSquad Bot#1915
Bibliotheek discord.js
Servers ???
Privacybeleid -privacy

Are you in the HypeSquad but don't know what to do with it? Check out HypeSquad Bot! It has cool commands related to the HypeSquad Houses, auto roles, reminders and giveaways, so make sure to check it out!

What it offers:

  1. See what HypeSquad House you and others are in!
  2. See the breakdown of the HypeSquad Houses in your server!
  3. See yours and others profile and badges with some extra information!
  4. Get info about the different HypeSquad Houses!
  5. Set up auto HypeSquad roles to automatically give members in your server roles depending on their HypeSquad House!
  6. Host your own giveaways on your server!
  7. Set reminders so you don't miss any important stuff!
  8. More will be added soon!

HypeSquad Bot is a side project from Hackerboi 69#3155