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Simple bot to schedule your announcements, planned posts or repeating messages.

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Libreria Javacord
Server 104
Proprietario Azim#6620

Allows you to plan your announcements in advance.
You can use websites like https://discohook.org/ to generate your message, and then it's as simple as entering a channel and a date.
Don't forget, that the channel you are sending a planned message to must have a webhook.


  • Administrator runs /configure command and sets the #channel, where bot is operated, and the @role, which can operate the bot.
    • It is recommended to use automatic setup
  • Only server administrators and users with specified @role can use the bot.
  • Bot will ignore all messages from other channels, except for /configure and /help commands


  • /configure - command for initial bot setup and future settings tweaking if needed

  • /help - list of available commands and generally useful info

  • /schedule channel or /schedule webhook - prepare a message to be sent sometime somewhere

  • /planned - show list of currently planned messages

  • /edit - edit planned message

  • /repeat - repeat existing planned message (either each X minutes or according to cron schedule)

  • /template create - create new template. Watch out for optional variables option (example)

  • /template list - show existing templates

  • /template delete - delete a template

  • /template use - use a template as a "base" for your new scheduled message. Will replace %variables% with entered new values

Don't forget to change timezone in bot's settings to match your local time!