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An all-round Minecraft Java and Bedrock bot, with stylized messages, status tracking of your server and others, and Java player searching!

Prefix . (Customizable)
Library discord.js
Server 281
Privacy Policy .privacy
Proprietario SyntheticDev#9931

This bot is still in development and some features may not always work as intended.

An all round Minecraft stats discord bot with many new and exciting features being constantly worked on and released! We aim to be the most professional looking and performant bot with almost 24/7 uptimes, some things that this bot offers is:

  • Server info of any Minecraft server you wish
  • Minecraft style player lists and server logs
  • Skin searching for Java players and name history

Privacy Policy

If you would like to view our privacy policy you can execute the .privacy command and get a detailed policy on what we do with your data.

Language Support

Support for multiple languages is in-development currently English is the only officially supported language

How do I get started?

  • Anything wrapped in <> is a required argument
  • Anything wrapped in [] is optional

You can do .help to get a list of all available commands and .help [command] if you would more information on a specific command.

Here are some commands that will help get you started!

Command Description Example
.setip This command allows you to set the ip of the server that the bot will use in your server. .setip
.setport If you server does not use the default port of 25565 OR you are running a bedrock server then you will want to change the port that the bot uses to connect to the server. .setport 19132 - Default port for bedrock servers.
.setaddress This command is a combination of the 2 above, it will set the server ip and port from the server address, this should be the address that you would enter to join the server in-game. .setaddress
.setlogchannel The bot allows for basic server logs, it will log when the server comes online, goes offline or restarts, as well as player join/leave messages for supported versions. .setlogchannel here - Set log channel to the current channel.

What other commands are there?

To see an up-to-date list of all commands use .help.

  • .players view the player list of your server
  • .mods / .plugins view the mods and plugins installed on your server
  • .whois get a Java player's skin and name history
  • .status view the status of your server
  • .ping view the status of any other server
  • .support view supported Minecraft versions and an invite to our support server
  • .vote view the vote links where you can help to support the bot