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Connect is a social media application inside of a Discord bot!

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Libreria discord.py
Server 446
Proprietario UnsoughtConch#9225

Connect is a social media app inside of a Discord bot.

That is not a typo. You can follow people, like posts, scroll through your feed, and a lot more!

Discord Connect

Connect is almost just like any other social media you would use, with one key detail: It's a Discord bot.

POST With Connect, you can post your thoughts, amazing images you took, funny memes you found, and a lot more!

SHARE Sharing your Connect content is as easy as copy and paste. Literally! Copy your username or post ID and start sharing!

CONNECT Connect with your friends, managers, Discord buds, random people from other servers, with no boundaries! Say good-bye to the toxic communities that other social media like Twitter have. With Connect, you make your community. Follow who you like, Look at posts you like, comment on posts you like, and so much more!

Not Convinced? Maybe you'll be convinced with...

  • Safely Encrypted Passwords
  • Three Feed Commands
  • Notifications When People Interact with You or Your Posts
  • Login Features if you're afraid of losing your Discord account.
  • Safe Recovery In the case that your password slips our and someone gets it!