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Bump Buddy

Bump Buddy, the only bot you need to remind you to bump your server on Disboard!

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Libreria DSharpPlus
Server 114
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Informativa sulla privacy /privacy
Proprietario Jazper#3216

Bump Buddy

A bot that helps your server grow, by reminding you to bump your server!

We all want members, don't we? So it is obviously a bonus to add your server to a discord server list, but when you do that, you forget to bump your server all the time, loosing a couple of potential members every time. Invite Bump Buddy! Be reminded to bump, and gain members!


Support Server

Invite Link



Set the channel where bump reminders are sent. Confirm the change by using the command: /channel

This will be the role that is going to be mentioned when the bump reminder message is sent. Confirm the change by using the command: /role

Set a custom message in the reminder embed! You can confirm the change by using the command: /test

Resets all the current server settings back to default.

Shows the privacy policy required by discord.

Shows some stats about Bump Buddy, fx. server and member count, uptime, current running timers, ping and more.

Sends a link to the servers review page.

Sends a link to the servers page.

Sends a link used to invite Bump Buddy.

It doesn't get any easier!