Website Guidelines

The guidelines you must abide by when using our website

Main Principle

  • Use common sense at all times

User Guidelines

  • Profile Guidelines
    • Your profile must not link to anything objectionable
    • Your bio must not contain anything objectionable or any links
    • Custom profile css must not interfere with the website normal functions or be used maliciously
  • Other Guidelines
    • You are not permitted to do anything to circumvent any punishment added to your account, doing so will result in another punishment that may be worse or equal to your current one
    • You are not allowed to disclose any malicious bugs or issues to third parties unless clearly permitted
    • If you have found a malicious bug or issue please report it to us via this email

Bot Guidelines

  • Listing Guidelines
    • Your bot must not contain an inappropriate avatar
    • Your bot must not contain an inappropriate username
    • Your bot's short and long description must be related to your bot
    • You may use HTML and Markdown in your bot's long description, if your bot is Verified you will be able to use script tags.
  • Other Guidelines
    • Your bot must follow the Discord Terms of Service, Developer Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
    • Your bot must be in English or have English support with clear instructions on how to switch language
    • Your bot must not go offline for a large period of time and it must be online all the time except for maintenance
    • Your bot must escape @everyone and @here
    • Your bot must not automatically send direct messages such as
      • Welcome Messages
      • Levelup Messages
      • Advertisements
      • Any other form of messages unless they are invoked by a command