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Signal is an advanced moderation and utility bot that provides a way to power up your server's moderation team.

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What Is Signal?

Signal is an easy moderation and utility bot that provides a fast response, with a lot of advanced functions, such as moderation case lookup and more.

With the new invite blocker, and anti swear functionality, the bot can now keep your server clean from advertisers, and other rule breakers.

Command Usage Description
Prefix ~prefix (New Prefix) Shows the current prefix, and if specified, sets the new prefix.
Enable ~enable [Command] Enables the command in the guild.
Disable ~disable [Command] This disables the command for use in the guild.
Invite Blocker ~inviteblocker Sets up invite blocking for the guild, server admins can bypass the restriction, or anyone with the 'Signal Bypass' role.
Anti Swear ~antiswear Enables the anti swear moderator for your guild, stopping people for swearing and automatically muting them.
Help ~help Shows this menu with the commands and features of the bot!
Info ~info The info command provides the prefix, version, website and support sever URL's so you can get help when needed.
Ping ~ping This command shows the ping, along with other infomation about the host machine, such as cpu cores, and ram.
Stats ~stats Shows the guild, member, and channel counts, along with the uptime!
Uptime ~uptime Shows the current uptime of the shard you are connected to.
Announce ~announce Sends an fancy embedded announcement of to the channel of their choice. It also optionally can ping everyone.
Set Nickname ~setnick [User] This command sets the specified user's nickname to the one decided by the person running the command.
Ban ~ban [User] (Reason) Permantly remove a user from the server with an optional reason.
Kick ~kick [User] (Reason) Kick the user from the server, so unless they rejoin, you won't have to deal with them.
Case Info ~case [Case ID] The case command can lookup a case in your guild and show information about moderator, punishment type, and date.
Mute ~mute [User] ‎[Time] (Reason) Prevents the user from talking in your server!
Purge ~purge [Count] Mass deletes the specified number of messages from your chanel.
Slowmode ~slowmode [Speed] Changes the slowmode to the specified time in seconds.
Softban ~softban [User] (Reason) Bans then immediatly unbans a user to remove their messages from the sever.
Warn ~warn [User] (Reason) Adds a warning to the database for the user specified.
List Warns ~listwarns [User] Lists the warnings of the specified user.
Remove Warns ~removewarns [User] Resets the warnings for the specified user.
Cat ~cat Using the Cat API, grabs a cute cat photo and posts it to the channel.
Coinflip ~coinflip Flips a virtual coin, and helpfully tells you the response.
Dog ~dog Using the Dog API, grabs you a cute dog photo to look at.
Roll ~roll [Dice] Rolls a dice, using Dungeons and Dragons Notation (AdX): A is the number of dice to be rolled (usually omitted if 1). X is the number of faces of each dice.
Avatar ~avatar [User] Grabs the specified user's avatar.
Server Info ~serverinfo Shows info about the server, such as owner, ID, region, creattion date, and member count.
User Info ~userinfo (User) Shows info about the specified user, including roles, id, nickname, and permissions.