Katsu avatárja


Katsu: a fun bot with meme commands, mod commands and many more to come!

Előtag ? or k?
Könyvtár discord.js
Szerverek ???
Tulajdonos Marck#2857


Katsu has a lot of fun commands, image generation commands and mod commands.

  • Different reaction images like: slap, kiss, coffee images, cuddle, didyoumean, drake, gifs, hug, tickle.
  • A range of image generation commands like: achievement, blur, color, chalenge, pornhub (SFW, I promise).
  • Moderation commands to make your server safer like: ban, kick, clean, crolenick, decancer and unban.
  • And a few utility commands like: nickname, rolenick, poll and pin
  • NSFW commands
  • images and reaction commands
  • Games, eightball, howhot and more
  • Filter commands (gay, invert, glass, random filter and more)
  • Music commands (search on Spotify and search for lyrics)
  • Google and reminder commands
  • And more to come!