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Jarvide IDE

Jarvide is a combination of an AI and an IDE that can securely run, save, edit, read, create, rename files all with a couple clicks of buttons.

Előtag jarvide
Könyvtár Other
Szerverek ???
Tulajdonos Caeden#7205

Jarvide is a creation of pure inspiration made to solve the problems of a developer. Our team decided it was the right time and right place to start developing an IDE which also has chat bot functionalities. Balanced as all things should be.


Jarvide is an A.I from Iron Man that executes commands and retrieves informaton via normal, logical speaking. A phrase like "hey jarvide, can you kick Caeden please" would kick the member Caeden, or if there are multiple give an option of which one.

Text editor (IDE)

Have you used the linux commandline editor, nano? This disccord text editor is like nano , and implements safe, reliable and fast file storing with editing and compiling technology. The database is secure and cannot be accessed or broken into by anyone, not even the core developers. You can upload or create files and these files would be saved into a filesystem which you can open at any time. If you have an open file you can compile it and run it (depending on the filetype). You can also edit the content and replace text. You can also pull and push to github depending on the file/folder you uploaded.