NightKnights avatárja


NightKnights is a in-developing multicultural bot: it can speak either English and Italian. It's an entertaining bot with useless commands and features.

Előtag nk
Könyvtár discord.js
Szerverek ???
Adatvédelmi Szabályzat nk info
Tulajdonos cheeZus#3688


NightKnights is the perfect bot for you and your server if you love fun. In fact, this bot has many various features for your entertainment:

  • memes

  • funny and random answers

  • fast and fun commands

And more! This bot also has commands for utility and management of your server:

a section for mods only entirely dedicated to managing members and their experience, configuring the bot for an optimal experience and news and informations about the bot to know how to manage new changes.


The NightKnights bot is always under development and managed to find and insert new features and commands to offer a better and constant experience.

The updates that will come will be based on utility and management, trying to include also some content for entertainment.