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Shared Advertisin'

Speed up your servers GROWTH. Share your advert with many other servers.

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Adatvédelmi Szabályzat /privacy
Tulajdonos Hiddenvelix#9007

Shared Advertisin'

Shared Advertisin' allows you to share your advert with many other servers in only a matter of seconds.

The bot comes with..

> a simple and fast setup.

> a professional design.

What about safety?

> Auto mod that filters out any insults/NSFW content.

> Report someone using /report .

> Ban system, people who are banned can't share their advert anymore.

Featured Commands:

- /setup | Choose a channel for the bot & You're ready to go.

- /delete | Remove Shared Advertisin' from all channels.

- /report | Report a user to our defense team.