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Bot of reaction roles, fully customizable embeds, tags, welcomes and leaves.

Előtag a?
Könyvtár discord.js
Szerverek ???
Tulajdonos Abiiee.#6500


Hi there! ;)

I'm a bot in charge of making your server more fun with commands of images, reaction roles, custom commands and more!

Most commands are controlled through an embed system, you can set them as welcome and leave messages and also in custom commands (tags command).

Everything is up to your imagination! You can use reaction roles to create a verification on your server or add roles to have a different color from the others, you can also make the reaction roles addable but cannot be removed or just add only one of the same type in the message.

Commands list:

  • Configuration
    • embed
    • leave
    • prefix
    • reactionrole
    • tag
    • test
    • welcome
  • General
    • avatar
    • djs
    • help
    • ping
    • say
    • variables
  • Images
    • nohorny
    • simpcard
    • supreme

My developers are lovingly working on every aspect of me, so that I'm totally easy to use and to your liking ❤️

Soon many more commands, maybe new features will be added depending on the support we receive yay

If you have any questions or something like that, you can join the support server. Spanish is usually spoken there but we also know a little English!