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אווטאר של KairosBot


A powerful bot to make communcating time with friends in different timezones seamless and hassle-free!

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❓How the bot works

If you have set your timezone and enabled automatic timestring detection and translation, the bot will automatically reply to any message that it detects a timestring in with the timestamp. It can also recognise and translate multiple timestrings in a single message. Here are examples of timestrings:

9:34 pm
07:34AM tmr
2:47 8 days ago
09:51pm 7 days later
11:58 ytd

Heres an example use case:


key: [] is required and () is optional

/settimezone [timezone]

Configures your timezone

/gettimezone (@user)

Gets the timezone of a given user (defaults to yourself)

/gettimezonetime [timezone]

Gets the local time of a given timezone

/getusertime [@user]

Gets the local time of a given user

/timestamp (hour) (min) (am_pm) (date) (month) (year) (date_format) (timezone) (include_raw)

Creates a timestamp according to the data you provide


Enables automatic timestring detection and translation


Disables automatic timestring detection and translation


Sends you some help


shows you examples of timestrings


Replies with "Pong" and the latency