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The dank Indian

The dank Indian is an Indian meme bot with lots of fun and troll commands

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The dank Indian

The dank Indian is an Indian meme bot with lots of funny indian memes ,fun and troll commands and you will have a really great time playing with it in your server and you can also use this bot for moderation

SUPPORT SERVER: The dank Indian support

Why The dank Indian ?: Whenever We Thaught About Fun Or Meme Bot We Have Dank Memer Inside Our Minds ! But..... What If You Are Indian ? You Will Get Boring (non-relatable memes xD) Memes In Dank Memer Bot.

But... To Solve This Problem We Are Introducing You The Dank Indian BOT To You Guys !!! Coming With Our Staffs HandPicking Quality Indian Memes !! Only. Not Only The Quality Indian Memes We Gives You The All Fun And Gaming Bots

Configuration Features Along With The Moderation And Fun Pranks Moderation Like React Kick,Mute Ban...... This Is The First Indian Bot Which Have Such a Types Of Features Including 10000+ Indian Quality

      Our Staffs Are Adding More Daily ! You'll Get Tired By Laughing But Our BOT Never Stops Serving You !

      Our **The Dank Indian BOT** Also Comes With Fun Commands ! Like Penis Size(pp) xD , Howgay ?, Google, Wikipidea,  Hack And a Lot More !!
      Also We Have Emotes Feat. Like *Dank Memer* In Our **The Dank Indian BOT**  Ex: Shoot, Kick, Slap , Kill, Punch, Lick, Knock, Tumse na hopayega 
      and a lot more !

      (Information: The Defalut Prefix Of The Bot Is Vai or vai. After Adding The Bot To Your Server For All Commands Do Vai/vai help.)

      So, What ! Are You Waiting For ? Go And Invite To Your Server Now !!!!
      You Can Also Take Credits And Fame By This Meme Bot ! But How ?
      Simple: Join Our Support Server And There Apply For Meme Contributor And Contribute Your Quality Memes There !
      1.) What's Profit I Got For That ?
      Ans: Not Only Giving More Quality Memes To The Bot Present Your Name At The Top Of Memers Rank In Our Bot That Can View By Any Normal Person      

         And You Will Get Famous Also By Our Bot ! And You Will Get Credits Too For That !

                 For Any Further Help Related To The Bot Or For Any Support Feel Free To Join Our Support Server With Modern Automatic Support System As Well !
                 Also If You Find Any Bug In Our BOT Or If The Meme Gived Our BOT Is Not Proper You Can Report It In Our Server.

      BOT Developed And Created By,                                                    Management Staff,
                                                     					     Mridul𝒫arth🍭#9742  [You Can Also D.M For any querry]