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A bot that lets you create pixel art on boards in your server.

Préfixe Slash commands
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Propriétaire Byte#0128

Want to draw pixel art using a bot in your server? Want to engange your community?

Features include:

  • Multiple boards! (Create multiple boards in a guild to keep art seperate.)
  • Roles and permissions! (Modify who can edit, view, and use specific tools on boards.)
  • Cooldowns! (Set cooldowns for users to make them have to wait to edit the board again.)
  • Bans! (Ban specific users from interacting with a board.)

To get started with the bot, do the following:

  1. First, add the bot to your server with the slash commands scope and the bot scope.
  2. Next, run /board create name:(board name). Be sure to replace (board name) with the name of your board.
  3. Then, use the /draw commands to edit the board.
  4. Finally, use the /board show:(board name) to view your board.