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This bot is the only thing you need in your life! It is a multipurpose bot, with a lot of unique features.

Préfixe $
Bibliothèque Discord.Net
Serveurs 7
Politiques de Confidentialité $privacy
Propriétaire D3FALT#7169


Modules Commands
Administration addcustom autobotrole autorole createchnl createvoicechnl delchnl delvoicechnl editchnlname rmcustom rmwelcome setprefix setwelcome
Fun coin number rps say trolling
Info avatar invite prefix privacy whois
Math calculate convert cos sin tg
Moderation ban ban kick mute mute purge unmute
Roles addrole copyroles createrole pasteroles rmrole rolehoist selfroles
Utility anime remind usecustom
Video Games epic epicrole game howlongtobeat rmepic rmepicrole setepic
Voting poll pollping pollrole polltimer

Why Do I need this bot in my life?

You will probably ask, “Why Do I need this bot in my life?”. The answer is really simple, it is the BEST BOT. Why because it has everything what do you need like:

  • Create timed voting
  • Send a message with free epic games and ping users when there is a new free game on epic
  • Show free games now on epic games store
  • Search the cheapest price for a game and also show information and metacritic score
  • Copy roles, and paste them in different server
  • Convert currency, it can convert every currency, even cryptocurrency
  • Games like rock paper scissors
  • And the most important it has trolling command, to do a little a tomfoolery
  • Moderation commands
  • Search an anime
  • And more