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Recolt offers text-to-speech in 78 different languages , language translation for nearly all languages. And an advance logging.

Préfixe $(Customizable)
Bibliothèque discord.py
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Propriétaire Kartik#3195

Command List

setup modrole : can control all functions of the bot.

setup language :set the default tts language of the bot.

setup slow : sets the speaking speed of the bot.

settings : shows all the current settings of the bot.

tts : plays a tts message in voice chat.

stop : stop a currently playing tts message.

join : joins the voice chat you are in.

leave/dc/disconnect : disconnects bot from voice chat.

translate : translates a foreign language for you.

lookup : looks up any id it may be channel/person/bot or message.

uptime : sends the uptime of the bot.

prefix : change the prefix of the bot.

translate : translates a foreign language for you.

botinfo : information about the bot.

logs enable : enable the logs you want.

logs disable : : disable the logs you want.

logs enabled : To see which logs are enabled in the server with thier channel.


'Afrikaans', 'Albanian', 'Arabic', 'Armenian', 'Bengali', 'Bosnian', 'Catalan', 'Croatian', 'Czech', 'Danish', 'Dutch', 'English', 'Esperanto' ,'Estonian', 'Filipino', 'Finnish', 'French', 'German', 'Greek', 'Gujarati', 'Hindi', 'Hungarian', 'Icelandic', 'Indonesian', 'Italian', 'Japanese', 'Javanese', 'Kannada', 'Khmer', 'Korean', 'Latin', 'Latvian', 'Macedonian', 'Malayalam', 'Marathi', 'Myanmar (Burmese)', 'Nepali', 'Norwegian', 'Polish', 'Portuguese', 'Romanian', 'Russian', 'Serbian', 'Sinhala', 'Slovak', 'Spanish', 'Sundanese', 'Swahili', 'Swedish', 'Tamil', 'Telugu', 'Thai', 'Turkish', 'Ukrainian', 'Urdu', 'Vietnamese', 'Welsh', 'Chinese (Mandarin/China)', 'Chinese (Mandarin/Taiwan)', 'English (US)', 'English (Canada)', 'English (UK)', 'English (UK)', 'English (Australia)', 'English (Ghana)', 'English (India)', 'English (Ireland)', 'English (New Zealand)', 'English (Nigeria)', 'English (Philippines)', 'English (South Africa)', 'English (Tanzania)', 'French (Canada)', 'French (France)', 'Portuguese (Brazil)', 'Portuguese (Portugal)', 'Spanish (Spain)', 'Spanish (United States)'

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