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A great server managing and moderation bot with dozens of updates frequently. Scopes is the easiest bot to use to make your server a great and well managed server.

Prefijo s. [customizable]
Librería discord.py
Servidores ???
Política de Privacidad s.privacy or s.policy
Propietario Scoopy#0003

Scopes Bot

A verified all-in-one Discord bot! Scopes has features such as utility, moderation, and customizable behaviour!

An Example Of Many Features Scopes Does Differently

Muting Members

Scopes removes all the member's roles and replaces them with the muted role that you've set for your server, and when the mute period is done, the member will get their roles back.

Old Member's Roles


New Member's Roles



We provide support in a couple ways. Either join our support server by clicking here. Or send a friend request to Scoopy#5119 then DM him.


You can see the Scopes Bot's commands by using its organized help command!


Some Info

Library: discord.py

Hosting: Sweplox