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In-bot Leveling + Badges + Reports + Utility + Fun + Logging + more with ReCreate!

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About ReCreate Bot

🏮 ReCreate is a multipurpose discord bot. It was designed to allow users to do what you want to do, all in one BOT!! We provide over 75+ commands and a great sense a humour to help RECREATE your discord experience.

ReCreate Features

🔥 Global leveling based on ReCreate with commands including badges(Based On Discord Badges), profiles, followers, and more!

⚡ Variety of fun commands including text gens, guesswho, guess the number game, and more to satisfy your server!

⚙️ Server configurations, reports, suggestions, and logging(15+ core events) to help spice up your server needs and quality.

ReCreate Commands

🧰 Utility (messages count, polls, embedmaker, global rep system, etc)

📜 Information (detailed server info, bot stats, and more information!)

🛠️ Staff (ban, kick, nuke, purge, warn, temprole, etc)

More Info For ReCreate

😎 Wanna be part of ReCreate's community? Join our server! There you can get a head start during updates and you will even receive a epic verified badge on your profile just for staying!


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