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PogChamp is a fun-focused bot.

Prefijo pog
Librería discord.js
Servidores ???
Política de Privacidad pog privacy
Propietario PurpleCube#7575
Editores #0001

PogChamp Discord Bot

pog  Use this before every command.
pog privacy Get information about how your data is being stored on PogChamp.
pog help Displays the standard help menu.
@PogChamp Helps you when you lost the prefix.

Basic Bot Commands

pog kick [@mention] Kicks a member.
pog ban [@mention] Bans a member.
pog clear [amount] Bulk-deletes messages.
pog invite Invites the bot to another server.
pog server Shows server stats.
pog suggest [suggestion] Submits a suggestion to PogChamp.
pog minecraft [username/uuid] Returns a link to download/grab the skin.
pog joke Reply's with a (funny) joke.
pog achievement Create a Minecraft achievement of a maximum of 5 words.
pog premium Returns your Premium stats/buying page.

PogChamp Premium
PogChamp Premium is a way to support the bot and get sweet perks back, including exclusive emoji's and commands. You can get Premium for only 5 bucks lifetime. Use pog premium to get a link to the buying page.