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A multipurpose-function bot for authors, anime fans, server moderators, and many more!

Prefijo pa. (customizable)
Librería Javacord
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Propietario Shindou Mihou#9362

Paradoxium, snowflake A multi-purpose Discord bot built under the Javacord library for many types of users, and servers; we run on donations, therefore none of the commands are paywalled!

What functionalites, or commands do you offer?

We offer several kinds of commands based on different categories, for example for anime fans, we have a custom image generation (with a filter that prevents most, if not all, NSFW images), from waifus, kemonomimi and husbandos!

The bot supports functionality such as MyAnimeList searching, and other stuff related to anime! Not to mention, you can slap, hug, pat and even kiss your partners, friends if you wish to!

We also offer a fully functional hourly yuri (shoujo-ai) yuriverse image to a single channel on your servers (also a waifu version, waifuworld).

Not to mention, we also have author-assistance commands such as profile (with customizable avatar, bio and etc), quotes, name generation, and many other more.

Another part of the functionality is we offer fun commands such as 8ball, anime memes, and some other more!

For moderators, we offer a fully functional warning system, an emoji-migration command, fancy ban and kick, a fully functional welcome and leave message and more!


With the help of Gitbook, we now have a Documentation site which will guide server owners to configuring the bot.

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