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Obama Bot

Meme bot with lots of image manipulation, fun minigames, economy, random commands, and reddit commands.

Prefijo obm
Librería discord.py
Servidores ???
Política de Privacidad obm privacy
Propietario Preselany#9558

Obama Bot

One of Best Image Meme bots!


Obama can do:

  • Send Memes
  • You can play typeracer
  • Over 100 Image Commands
  • Few video commands
  • Economy!
  • Can make your server more fun and active!

Few examples of commands:

  • Caption Caption

  • Henry Henry

  • Worship Worship

And this is just small part of commands! You can experience more fun commands yourself! Invite Obama Bot now!

  • If you need help with commands, join Obama Support server https://discord.gg/NmmpJHYuRb