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dotty-chan with many fun, utility and moderation commands. Invite it to your server and try it out!

Prefijo dc!
Librería discord.py
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Propietario luk_#1337


dotty-chan is a simple bot, providing you many commands. You could:

  • get some memes
  • check statuses of minecraft servers
  • check out some packages from PyPi
  • get info about an IP
  • have some lovely cute images
  • get images of pets

dotty-chan also has its own webpage here! The bot built on the discord.py library running on python 3.8.2.

Other things you should know:

  • don't expect 100% full uptime, sometimes bots go down too
  • this bot was made for fun
  • if any error accours, i will already be informed of it and i will try to fix it asap.
  • read the privacy policy