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The most advanced Minecraft focused Discord bot

Prefijo / or @Crafty (Customizable)
Librería discord.js
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  • Highly configurable with customizable prefixes, channel blacklisting, Minecraft server whitelisting and blacklisting, automatic posting of new Minecraft news, article and outage, and Minecraft server tracking.
  • Blazing fast, powered by high performance servers.
  • Feature rich with over 50+ commands ranging from entertainment, informational and configuration.
  • Commands for viewing Minecraft Java edition player's username, uuid, past usernames and skin.
  • Supports queries for Java and Bedrock edition Minecraft servers, displays online player count, motd and the favicon.
  • Several entertainment commands such as, Minecraft trivia, Minecraft fun facts and Minecraft minesweeper.
  • Supports requests for player statistics for users on the top Minecraft servers such as, Hypixel, Wynncraft, HiveMC, BlocksMC, Veltpvp and more!
  • Commands for rendering Minecraft player skins in multiple ways.
  • Highly sophisticated Minecraft server tracking and analytics.

Why Crafty?

  • 100% Free to use.
  • Online 24/7 with minimal downtime.
  • Completely managed, no self hosting or setup is required.
  • In for the long run, Crafty has been serving its users since April 2018 and receives consistent updates and security patches.
  • User friendly, all commands are built to be easy to use.


For a full list and detailed explanation of Craftys commands you can visit: https://crafty.gg/bot

  • Viewing information about Minecraft Java edition players:


  • Requesting information about Minecraft servers:


  • Rendering Minecraft player skins:


  • Minecraft Trivia:


  • Minecraft Server Tracking Analytics:

https://cdn.glitch.com/992316f6-5c8e-40dc-a7d3-b8f9e6e5aa0d%2Fcrafty%20servertracking%20feature%20example%201.png?v=1589791039841 https://cdn.glitch.com/992316f6-5c8e-40dc-a7d3-b8f9e6e5aa0d%2Fcrafty%20servertracking%20feature%20example%202.png?v=1589791040820

  • Viewing the last login of a player on multiple Minecraft servers:


  • Viewing information on a Hypixel player:


  • Help command:


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