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An amazing economy bot that includes baking, level ups, and many more!

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Librería discord.py
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Propietario Aquafin#8788

🍪 Cookie - Features We Offer!

Looking for an amazing economy bot based off of baking cookies? Well, here is Cookie a new economy Discord Bot coming your way, you can have fun with friends, family and Discord Members!

Our Clan Feature

  • Way back when Cookie was still small, we thought of an idea that would make our players experience even better when playing our Economy Bot. We added Clans to make sure our players could share their amazing experiences with friends and family. In the near future, we will have a feature where you can fight other clans "Clan Wars", as this feature is still in development we will have lots of sneak peeks and early releases for users to test the feature out.

Our Prestige Feature

  • Of course, we had to add this feature. The reasoning behind it was because we DO NOT want our players getting bored of playing our bot, so we thought of an idea in adding Prestige Levels. Cookie currently has only 10 Prestige Levels. I think that is plenty of "Rebirths" until someone reaches that number.

Our Gambling Feature

  • What this command does is that you can enter an amount from $500 to $1,000,000. When you enter an amount, you will either lose or win. IF you win you will get double the amount you entered. IF you lose you will lose half of the amount you entered. If your luck is bad and you get a 50% chance you will win or lose nothing.

Our Grabbing Feature

  • What this feature does is basically if you're server is active for a decent amount of time, a message pops up saying "Random gift has appeared, use $grab to grab it!". When you grab that gift you'll either get a prize varying from 1 - 1,000, this could be Cookies or Money, depends what the server has the type set by using $settype. If you want to set your minimum and maximum, you can use the commands $setmin and/or $setmax. This feature is amazing for gaining more Cookies and making your communities active within server chats!

Our Other Features

  • Cookie has 7 different types of delicious Cookies to try out.
  • Ypu have 6 different types of ways to check who is beating you with leaderboards.
  • You have 14 different types of Ovens to Choose from.
  • You have the ability to change your servers prefix.