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Are you ready to confess your deepest and darkest secrets?

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Carl's Confessions

What is more fun than spilling that spicy hot tea to your friends, and maybe if you are feeling more frisky, to everyone? Of course you don't want to share your name with your confession because that would make it too obvious, right? Well no worries, use Carl!

Who is Carl?

Carl is as mentioned earlier a Discord bot that likes to spill the tea. By adding the bot to your server you can start sharing your confessions to your server, or to everyone that has Carl setup in their server.


Yeah, I hear you. Sounds scary right? Well no worries, we moderate all confessions made to public section. This means, you can be sure there will not be too rough confessions coming to your server. No worries, these moderations are done anonymously too, so no one will know you made the confession.


If user abuses the bot he gains warning points, and once they have received enough of these points, they can't send public confessions anymore.

What about moderation bots with logs?

Well, that is why you use command in the server, and then you write the confession in Carl's dms. This way those bots that log deleted messages, message edits etc. can't log your confession. So you are kept under closed curtains, anonymous.