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Retrieve information about a Discord build right in your client!

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Librería discord.js
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Propietario mdev01#0001

DiscordBuilds Bot

DiscordBuilds is a Discord bot that can retrieve information about a certain Discord build. The bot only works with Slash Commands, so adding the bot without the slash commands permission will not allow it to work.


/help - Gives you a list of commands & a description

/build - view build information for a specific build

/latest - get the latest build hash for a Discord version

/invite -invite the bot to another server

/support - get support for the bot


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Comandos de barra diagonal

  • /build id
    Fetch information about a Discord build
    • id: The ID of the build to fetch
  • /help
    A list of commands for the DiscordBuilds bot

  • /invite
    Get an invite link for the DiscordBuilds bot

  • /latest version
    Fetch the latest build hash for a Discord version
    • version: The version of Discord (Stable, PTB, or Canary)
  • /support
    Get a link to the support server for the DiscordBuilds bot

  • /sync-commands
    [Owner Only] Sync all slash commands with Discord