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Multipurpose bot with various different actions, such as moderation actions, fun commands, etc. More is being developed daily!

Prefijo s!
Librería discord.js
Servidores ???
Propietario Trixxie#0001

If you are looking for actively developed bot, then you need Shell!

Here is some basic commands of Shell, there will be more developed daily and bugs squished. If you have suggestions or issues with the bot you are more than welcome to join our Support server where we will provide the help for you.

Command Description
s!help Get information about all commands that bot has.
s!settings Change bot settings to best fit your server.
s!ban [user] (reason) Ban the user from the server, if reason is not provided, default one will be used "Ban hammer has spoken".
s!kick [user] Kick the user from the server.
s!warn [user] [reason] Send warning to the user's dms.
s!addrole [user] [role] Add role to user easily with the bot.
s!removerole [user] [role] Remove role from user easily with the bot.
s!slap (user) Slap yourself or user of your server.
s!kiss (user) Kiss yourself or user of your server.
s!hug (user) Hug yourself or user of your server.
s!userinfo [user] Get information about the user.

More commands can be found from our website