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Scooby serves as a multi-purpose bot that integrates numerous systems to fit all your needs!

Prefijo ;
Librería JDA
Servidores 7822
Propietario Vyy#0001

Scooby was designed to serve as a multi-purpose bot that fits all possible needs. Scooby's utilizations range from moderation to having the dankest of memes. The development aspect of Scooby is constantly growing with motivated developers, so we're sure that our bot will be the best you've ever seen!

Current commands of Scooby are as follow - With much more to come in the very near future


  • help
  • commands
  • info
  • ping
  • embed
  • suggest
  • invite
  • setprefix
  • covid
  • joke
  • meme
  • quote
  • aww
  • goodmorning
  • goodnight
  • hug
  • 8ball
  • catfact
  • dogfact
  • pikachu
  • panda
  • pat
  • coinflip
  • wink
  • song
  • nsfw
  • slowmode
  • kick
  • ban
  • and much more coming soon!

To change the prefix of Scooby, use ;setprefix [prefix]

For further help on command usage, use ;[command] help