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This bot is multi servers , and your way to get success server , have economy , leveling , moderations

Prefijo v! (customizable)
Librería discord.js
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Vapor Bot

1. This bot is multi purpose, have much things , but the most , important which we focus about it is moderating

2.to get success moderated server you will need vapor bot

3.logs every ban , mute , unmute , ban , etc... commands

4.know who banned that guy or muted etc..

5.tells you how much bans , warns. kicks that guy have

6.economy , you can sell , donate , know your rank at leaderboards , fish ,hunt etcc.. all in help command

7.leveling system , gain xp by chatting , know how active is user , see top talking players

8.Fun commands , they are not much commands , but they are really funny >>>>Note: Maybe in future those all will be removed , and be fully moderation bot have all mod commands!

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