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Gordon Ramsay

A bot that's based on Gordon Ramsay with Insults, Moderation Commands, and more!

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Librería discord.py
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Propietario A Trash Coder#0981

Gordon Ramsay

A Discord Bot made by Kowlin#4417 (Originally), A Discord User#5290 & CoderLamar420#0981. It is based on the British chef, restaurateur, writer, television personality and food critic, Gordon Ramsay. It has features such as Insults, Moderation, and more! More features are always being added to this bot! To know when a major update or command is added please join the Support Server!.

Command Modules

General Commands

Name Description
info Information on the bot
feedback [description] Sends feedback
ping Shows bots ping
support Sends a link to the support server
vote Embed of bot list to vote for the bot
socials Shows Gordon Ramsays Socials

Fun Commands

Name Description
gay Rates a persons gayness
insult [user] Insults a user
foodmeme Shows a foodmeme
lambsauce [user] Where's the lambsauce!?!?!?!?!?
rps [choice] A game of rock, paper, scissors

Moderation Commands

Name Description
ban [user] Bans a member. Reason is optional
kick [user] Kicks a member. Reason is optional
purge [amount] Purges / clears a specified amount of messages