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Moderation, Automation, Auto Roles, Reaction Roles, Search Anything, Memes/Reddit, Statistics, Fun, Currency, Gifs (like hug/kiss), Giveaways and more!

Prefijo a!, aki, customizable
Librería discord.js
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Propietario Daaku#1056

Some of Aki's 107+ commands, She can do much more though!
And remember that aki has 99.99% uptime!

Some extra tips:

  • You can enable and disable specific commands with Aki Disable [Command] and Aki Enable [Command]
  • Aki's prefix can be changed to anything with Aki Prefix [Your Prefix]
  • Make Aki only work in a specific channel with Aki Botchannel [#Channel]
  • Blacklist users from using Aki with Aki Blacklist [@User] and allow them again with Aki Whitelist [@User]
  • Set up staff roles with Aki Modrole [@Role], Aki Srmodrole [@Role] & Aki Adminrole [@Role] Or just give the user the permission needed for the original act (aka. people with ban permissions can use aki ban, but so can srmods)

All of Aki's commands such as Aki Reddit and Aki Imgur are limited to SFW posts when possible. If anything does turn up it's because it didn't get flagged on reddit/imgur

Moderation Commands

Command Description
Purge [Amount] Delete up to 1000 messages from the current channel
Kick [User] Remove someone from the server
Softban [User] Ban someone from the server and delete 7 days of messages then immediatly unban again
Mute [User] Give someone the muted role which stops them from talking (Aki makes her own Muted role if none is found)
Ban [User] Permanently ban somebody from your server
Tempmute / Tempban [User] Like their original forms but now with a time limit, temp mutes & temp bans can be up to 90 days
Warn [User] [Warning] Warn a user for something which sends them a message and logs all their warnings in Aki
Warnings [User] (Warning ID) See all or a specific warning from this user on this server. You can also remove warnings with the Unwarn command
And many more moderation commands, You can find a full list in Aki help

Gif Commands

All gif commands also count how many you've given and gotten to/from others!
Command Description
Hug [User] Hug someone else or yourself with a gif from Aki's list.
Kiss [User] Give someone a big kiss on the lips
Pat [User] Give someone a headpat
Glomp [User] Run towards somebody and jump on them with a big hug
Nom [User] Nom on somebody wholesomely, there's also bite if you wanna go aggresive
Pout [User] Pout at somebody
Smug [User] Smug at somebody indicating... other... motives
Slap [User] Give somebody a hopefully well deserved visit from your back hand
And many more gif commands, You can find a full list in Aki help

Reddit/Meme Commands

Command Description
Meme (subreddit) Get a hot meme from the subreddit of choice, Or get one from some of the most popular reddits if you don't specify any
Reddit (subreddit) Like Meme but doesn't only take in images. Reddit can also show normal posts like text, incase you wanna check up on updates maybe
Animeme Get an Anime themed meme off of reddit's r/Animemes
Cursed Get a meme from r/cursedcomments
History Get a just discovered meme from r/historymemes
And many more meme/reddit commands, You can find a full list in Aki help

Search Commands

Command Description
Anime [Name] Search all over MyAnimeList for the closest match and give all the information you'll ever need. Like actually a lot
Manga [Name] Same as the Anime command but now for mangas
Tenor [Term] Find a gif related to your search term on Tenor
Song [Song Name] Search Spotify for a song and get the link & preview off it
Youtube [Search Term] Get the top result off of youtube for your search term
Pokemon [Pokemon Name] Get some information about a Pokémon's base stats
And many more search commands, You can find a full list in Aki help