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Merlin - almost certainly the most unique bot on Discord.

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Merlin - probably the most unique bot on Discord.

That's not something we say lightly. We think it's true.

There's a first time for everything. We've taken 4 of them.

We're the first public* bot that has a command to generate provably random numbers, and that has a Klingon dictionary powered by boQwI', has a High Valyrian dictionary from dothraki.org, and can provide the Klingon Word of the Day from Hol 'ampaS.

Railing against the norm.

Discord bots these days tend to just copy each other, all with only slightly different features. But before our bot, there was almost no Discord bot that had completely unique features.

Merlin is a refreshing change.

We don't have targets to meet, bosses to impress, quotas to fulfil. The sole purpose of Merlin is to be different. There's already a million bots with a ban command, so let's do something different.

Add Merlin to your Discord today!

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* First public bot meaning the first bot publicly submitted to a bot list