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The name says it all!!! Bringing the latest memes from Reddit to Discord Servers near you!

Librería JDA
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Propietario Discord User#0000

General Overview

The name says it all! Get memes, image manipulation, music, games and more with this extremely versatile bot. Heck, it even has some basic moderator functions along with utility commands. Watch out for the attitude because this bot also includes an in-built chatBot feature that allows you to chat with a totally real person (When you have no friends)

Important Information

Commands can be viewed using mfd help

You can chat with MemesForDays by doing @MemesForDays

Commands To Start With

mfd meme -> Gets memes straight from Reddit (this is the whole purpose of the bot after all)

mfd reddit -> Get posts from any Subreddit of your choice or search a query on Reddit

mfd automeme -> Too lazy to keep using a command? Set up automeme in a channel to get memes automatically every 5 min

mfd nomemes -> Learn how to block people you don't want using this glorious bot (Admin only)