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Anime related bot, MyAnimeList, AniList commands, profiles, roleplay commands.

Prefijo a.
Librería discord.py
Servidores 4114
Shards 4
Política de Privacidad a.privacy
Propietario Slime#5978

Main Website - Support Server

Aiura is a multi-functional bot aimed at anime and manga communities.

Mention me to see all prefixes.

Fun commands like ?iq to see your today's IQ.

Roleplay functionality so you can kiss and hug different users with more features. To see all features invite the bot.

Look up MyAnimeList profiles and link your profile and see others, bring up profile statistics. Search for anime and manga and see short summary directly in discord. Anilist support is included and character searching.

To see all commands do ?help, website reconstruction pending.

Major refactor in progress.

Demos (Demos outdated)

Easily link profiles

Link Account

Search anime

Search Anime