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Welcome Banners [GIF], Role Shop, Text & Voice Levelling, Reaction & Auto Roles, Auto Moderation, Loggers, Profiles and features you need.

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Librería discord.py
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Propietario Weibeu#7777

Designed to help server administrators with managing their communities as well as includes plugins and features for all of the casual discord users. It is an open source project actively being developed updated frequently with adding new and exciting features along with the important fixes whenever required.

Key Features

  • Welcome Banners to welcome new members using custom static or GIF images.
  • Text and voice Levelling with assignable roles or points as rewards for different levels.
  • Role Shop for your server to let members purchase roles using their earned points.
  • Welcome Messages including direct and channel based welcome messages.
  • Moderation plugin including member and server logs for major events.
  • Auto Moderation system based on triggers and different actions.
  • Auto Roles rewards and ranking system with rank cards.
  • Discord User, Member custom profiles and much more.

Not Enough?

We continuously keep working on it to introduce new features and also improve the existing ones. The bot receives updates very frequently, almost every other day.

Help and Reference

Visit our website for full documentation and getting started guide or just check quick reference to all of the available commands and plugins.

Feel free to join our community for help with anything or to suggest and features or report bugs.