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Swap, Hold, Send, Receive, Earn, Invest, Lend & Borrow crypto & NFT in Multiple Chains using only one 123swap platform.

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facilitates seamless peer-to-peer swapping of crypto-assets. It provides easy to access, transparent and convenient exchanges, earning and investment management solutions, all without the need of any intermediatory. The platform intends to simplify the cryptocurrency exchange system while generating the lowest possible slippage. The 123swap platform offers a range of DeFi solutions across multiple chains in blockchain assets: Swaping Lending Borrowing Staking Yield Farming NFT Minting The mechanism of cross-chain value exchange allows the platform users to directly trade with each other across any chain on a peer-to-peer basis. Vision Statement: To simplify the management of crypto-assets. Mission Statement: To become the leading decentralised finance protocol by providing better prices, faster response times, simpler procedures and low slippage rates than any other aggregator or swap on the market. We aim: To build the next-gen financial ecosystem, leveraging blockchain technology. To expand the use of cryptocurrencies for purchase and payments across the business world. To eliminate financial barriers, evolve the global economy and change the world for the better. To create a seamless user experience by providing access to the entire crypto market in one place, without ever compromising on the private keys. 123swap - Business Model The business model of the 123swap platform consists of the following elements: 123swap Seamless peer-to-peer crypto assets swap platform. 123nft NFT minting and peer-to-peer NFT swap platform. 123yield A platform to deposit crypto-assets and earn the most optimised interest rate123bridge A cross-chain decentralised finance assets swap platform. 123lend&borrow Access to low-interest, stable coin loans using crypto assets as collateral. 123gov 123swap token represents voting power on a blockchain project.

What is 123swap? 123swap brings an ecosystem of products and services that allow customers to have a one-stop-shop experience for swapping, holding, sending, receiving, earning, investing, borrowing, and lending tokens across multiple chains. The platform has developed its way of exchanging cryptocurrencies aimed to eliminate the problems like complicated interface, hidden fee, tedious registration process, etc., and make the whole process simple for the end-user. Why 123swap? Users can choose any of the 500+ available liquidity pools cross-chain (Ethereum, Binance, Polkadot, and many more). The platform supports the top protocols and presents live rates, the lowest fees, and the best APY (Annual Percentage Yield). The following features of the platform will help 123swap to stand out over other DeFi platforms: Simple & User-friendly` Interface Unchanged Rate during the transactions No Hidden Fees Variety of Assets Security