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An educational server surrounding working dogs and dog sports.

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Do you like dogs? Do you have a dog? Or maybe you just wanna see some dogs? Welp, this server might just be for you, then!!

The working k9 society is a newly unleashed server that can answer all your questions on ANY dog-related topic. We provide tips and advice for dog health, sporting, finding the right dog for you, and more.

We primarily focus on working dogs and their sports, so in our server you can find plenty of resources, pictures, links, videos, etc. in relation to working dogs, dog sports, dog health, dog breeds, and more! Our community provides links to answer any and all questions, and those answers are based off of fact and not personal opinion! Our community also provides charts and other infographics on the same topics.

So, what's the short description of what we provide? Dog help and advice Fact-checked resources Links to businesses that sell product to improve your dog's lifestyle Game and movie nights Plenty of bots Custom emojis A healthy and growing community And plenty more!

Post pictures of your dog, give and receive advice, and enjoy a fun community!

If not looking to learn, grow, discuss, and educate, our community sadly is not for you.