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𝕊𝕡øø𝕜𝕪ℂ𝕝𝕚𝕢𝕦𝕖 ˣ෴ˣ⏐デーモンエンゼル

❤︎A fun and very aesthetic looking server made for music lovers, gamers, and the alternative. We welcome all to join us ❤︎


Creative Arts

☽。・:・゚⋆═══════✧══════ ⋆。:・゚⋆☾ 【A growing server with more of a trap/goth/punk style influence to it; We’re open to anyone & everyone of any style & background. PC, VR, console, or random apps we are just tryna chill, sesh, play games with, art, watch movies or anime, game streaming, listen to music, make music, vibe etc. with anybody down & open to make some new homies ❤︎】

✭ ⠇Memes ✭ ⠇Pretty designs, fonts (& ppl!) ✭ ⠇Karaoke Nights & Movie Nights! ✭ ⠇Active & Friendly ✭ ⠇300+ Animated, Cute, Anime, Lil Peep, & more aesthetic emotes (always adding more stuff!) ✭ ⠇Self assign colors & a lot of awesome, funny roles to give yourself ✭ ⠇NSFW channel ✭ ⠇ MINECRAFT SERVER ✭ ⠇Spanish channel, some here speak both English & Spanish too ✭ ⠇Lyrical Legends Channel of our favourite artists with loads of photos ✭ ⠇Music Bots (always seshin or chilling in general with music bots) ✭ ⠇Traps uwu (yes, really.) ✭ ⠇Femboy Hooters (also yes, really.) ✭ ⠇Aesthetics & pics ✭ ⠇Beautiful laid-back & goofy people of all kinds ✭ ⠇Goths and QTs that love ur music ✭ ⠇Lots of L:frowning2:ⅤΕ ☽。・:・゚⋆═══════✧══════ ⋆。:・゚⋆☾