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SlashNotes is a Discord Slash Command bot that you can use to keep notes

Library discord.js


SlashNotes is a basic bot that you can use to store notes.


create: Create a note

delete: Delete a note

list: View all notes you have made

post: Share a note you made in the current channel

view: View a note


  • The Manage Server permission is required to manage Server Slash notes. (Notes that can be seen by everyone in the server through the Slash Commands menu.)

  • Due to Discord's limits on Slash Commands, you can only have up to 50 Server Slash notes.

  • Due to Discord's limits, Slash Commands won't appear in servers with more than 50 bots.

Slash Commands

  • /create title content public | Optional ephemeral
    SlashNotes: Create a note.
    • title: The title of the note. (You will use this to lookup and view the note.)
    • content: The content of the note
    • public: Have note appear in this server's slash commands menu? (Requires Manage Server permission)
    • ephemeral: (Server Slash Notes Only) When note is selected, only show it to the executor.
  • /delete title public
    SlashNotes: Delete a note using its name.
    • title: The title of the note,
    • public: Is this a server slash note? (Requires Manage Server permission)
  • /help | Optional command
    SlashNotes: View all available commands or view information on a certain one.
    • command: A command you want more info on.
  • /list
    SlashNotes: View notes you own. (Does not work for Server Slash notes)

  • /post title
    SlashNotes: Share a note you own in the current channel. (Does not work for Server Slash notes)
    • title: The title of the note you want to share.
  • /settings | Optional post_command
    SlashNotes: Edit settings for SlashNotes in this server.
    • post_command: Allow the /post command to be used in this server.
  • /view title
    SlashNotes: View a note you own. (Does not work for Server Slash notes)
    • title: The title of the note,